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Animals At The Farm

We have a range of farm animals and rare birds of prey at the farm...

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello I’m Jack the donkey and I want to tell you about all the animals at Bodafon Farm Park. I share a paddock with the ponies. Lucy and Maria are nice but my best friend is little Rosa.

To meet the other animals, take a walk along the farm trail (0·4 miles) and meet the greedy pygmy goats. They love eating from your hands! The Red Deer and Fallow Deer also live in the same enclosure, but are a little more timid than the goats. They do love being fed though! Our lovely little Dexter cattle can be seen along the walk as well as our sheep.

Passing the Pond you will meet our Geese and the Farm Ducks as well as some wild ducks. In the reeds you will often see moorhens. Many other kinds of wild birds use our pond so look for a Heron, several kinds of seagull and sometimes black and white Oystercatchers.
Back in the farmyard , say “Hello” to our pigs, They love talking to visitors.

There are lots of other wild animals to be seen at Bodafon. Keep your eyes open and check the list at the front entrance.

Our Birds

At Bodafon Farm Park we have a large collection of birds of prey with new additions being added all the time. Why not come down and take a look at our birds?